Italian Porphyry & Portuguese Granite Redevelopment of Kinross High Street

£1 million public realm improvements project to Kinross Town Centre increases safety and includes a public open space for the community use.

The upgrade of the existing streetscape includes high quality materials and street furniture, designed by client Perth & Kinross Council. The Council had strict colour mix requirements for their porphyry palette and BBS were more than happy to ensure these were met by accompanying them and contractor Rainton Construction to Trento, Italy to sign off the sample panels. Three BBS sample panels were approved and the regeneration was completed mid October 2015.

Using our Italian porphyry paving along with kerbing, channels and street furniture that were specified and supplied in BBS Portuguese granite. The town centre was repaved with our porphyry mix and looks modern, colourful and attractive whilst keeping with Scotland’s historic feel by using natural stone. The granite provides a contrast in colour to the porphyry to ensure street furniture and channels stand out and the bench bases compliment the wooden seats.

The creation of a shared space has created a focal point on High Street outside the former Town Hall building. Kinross were proud to host a huge street party at the start of October which saw the Red Hot Chilli Pipers performing to a great attendance of 6000 people

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