Natural Stone Supplied to St. Salvator’s Quadrangle, University of St. Andrews, Scotland

BBS Paves St Salvator’s Quad in Whinney Hill Yorkstone & Scottish Whinstone

BBS supplied natural stone to the stunning St. Salvator’s Quadrangle at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland for its refurbishment late 2014 / early 2015.

This square, surrounded in 16th century buildings and adjacent to St. Salvator’s Chapel is a beautiful area where many St. Andrews students’ graduations finish including Prince William and Kate’s. They also returned to this ancient heart of the institution for the university’s 600th year anniversary celebrations and many other student events are hosted in this quad along with weddings and corporate events. It has always been a popular location and since its renovation the Quad is being used more and more and the university is hoping for it to be the setting of future international celebrations and many other events.

To stay harmonious with the original materials used by the university, Whinney Hill Yorkstone paving and masonry was supplied along with native Scottish Whinstone to replace the degraded tarmac. Small and large flagstones along with benches were sponsored to support the university. The square now looks fresh whilst keeping its old roots.

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