Specialist Masonry Design & Supply by BBS

BBS offers a highly specialist service from initial design to advise and supply of all types of masonry products.

This service is available not only for Natural Stone and Granite, but also for semi-dry cast ‘Artstone’; wet-cast concrete; and GRC masonry. In simple terms our AutoCAD draughtsmen work with the architect to take their plans and elevations in order to create a fully detailed stone component drawing package, along with a corresponding written schedule of all masonry items.

The drawings and written schedule are cross-referenced to the architect’s details to allow a clear understanding on site as to which items are used in each location. Stone deliveries are then clearly labelled pallet by pallet. Approximate weights are given per component, allowing the architect and contractor to assess any specialist lifting requirements or changes in design ahead of the materials actually being produced or arriving on site. Our draughtsmen’s knowledge and experience of natural and artificial stone manufacturing helps BBS to advise at the design stage what is physically practical to make; offer fixing suggestions; and suggest value-engineering whilst retaining the overall aesthetic effect required by the client and architect.

An excellent case study of this service being fully utilised relates to a very impressive ‘new build’ private house in a sensitive Conservation Area of Alderley Edge in Cheshire. The project has just been completed in 2013 following a 2-year build programme. The house is known as ‘The Whins’ and has been project managed and built by Edenhouse Estates Ltd who were employed by the client to construct their 27,000 ft2 dream home. Having had previous experience of the BBS Masonry Design Service, Edenhouse Estates did not hesitate to employ BBS at an early stage in the process to ensure that each section of the stone supply was meticulously planned and agreed in a logical order and in plenty of time to allow manufacture to meet the site requirements for the build. To this end regular site meetings and an on-going design evolution process continued throughout the build period, attended by a BBS Director and/or the project draughtsman on a monthly basis throughout the build.

The construction of The Whins involved retaining the main façade of an impressive Victorian mansion and then essentially constructing a new house around it. This required every aspect of natural stone design and supply from basic ashlar walling; through the templating and copying of existing moulded items e.g. an ornate string-course; along with the full design of highly complex new sections such as a ‘ramp & twist’ balustrade staircase, 2 other balustrade staircases, and the impressive main entrance feature portico. Our manufacturing masons utilise the latest hi-tech stone-carving machinery giving precision-cut components which are then individually checked and hand-finished.

The stone type chosen for the main house by the client was a North Yorkshire buff sandstone known as Fellstone Buff. In addition to this we designed and supplied Red St.Bees sandstone walling and masonry for the road frontage entrance walls and gates, this to blend-in with existing stone to the satisfaction of the local Conservation Officer.

Attached are examples of the BBS designs and drawings created during this build-process, along with an extract from a corresponding written schedule. Also attached are several photos showing different stages during construction period, finishing with the stunning end result.