Reclaimed Walling for Oulton Care Home

A luxury care home in Oulton, Leeds was officially opened early this year featuring natural stone walling and artificial stone masonry from BBS.

Oulton Manor Care Home was completed earlier this year and opened in April by Dr David Bellamy OBE and his wife Rosemary. This brand new Hadrian Healthcare Group home is one of a group of stunning luxury homes of extremely high quality inside and outside. This new addition features private landscaped gardens with seating to enjoy the views, beautiful suites with private bathrooms, a library, bar and café, hair and beauty salon and much more. It is perfect for long stay residents and those who would like some respite before returning home.

To stay in keeping with the local area but also to look clean and modern, BBS supplied random reclaimed mixture walling. This sandstone is reclaimed from old buildings, usually local, that have been demolished and the stone is reworked by masons so that it suits modern construction. The stone is light in colour to ensure the brightness of the care home surroundings but looks traditional and blends in.

BBS also supplied the highly bespoke ‘artstone’ artificial stone features: the window sills and heads, bay window mullions and jambs and the main entrance portico with the Oulton Manor lettering displayed.

This project had tight deadlines and BBS successfully co-ordinated the deliveries of both the natural stone and artstone in a timely manner to coincide with the build phases and limited access to the site. Images below show both the reclaimed natural sandstone walling and the artstone masonry on the completed care home in the beautiful surroundings for the Manor’s new residents, the care put into the construction by Walter Thompson can clearly be seen.