Natural Stone Complements Modern Features in London Public Realm Project at Adam's Place, Canary Wharf

Urban redevelopment of public realm at Canary Wharf in London as part of the new Crossrail station is still underway and nearing completion.

BBS were thrilled to be involved with the external hard landscaping at Adam’s Place, a new public space which connects Lower Bridge Street with the new Crossrail station.

The whole scheme has been designed to look very clean and modern with custom designed granite clad mirror pools designed by Szerelmey underneath the bridge, unique planters with fibre optic light emitting bricks, metal handrails up the steps and glass doors.

The public realm needed natural stone landscaping to complement these features and so our Alta Quartzite was chosen to be supplied. Architects love its ability to work well with other materials and often use this stone in combination with a range of other materials including wood, glass, steel and aluminium.From the pictures below, we can see that it has blended perfectly and Adam’s Place looks stunning.

Alta Quartzite is quarried in the mountains surrounding the Alta Fjord in Norway, it has a pleasant grey-green appearance and a natural soft lustre. Being a riven material, it has colour and texture variations that lend themselves to modern architecture. It is naturally non-slip and extremely hard wearing making it suitable for trafficked areas as well as pedestrian paving areas. Alta Quartzite can be used for:- roofing - paving - staircases - cladding: interior as well exterior.