What are Granite Paving Setts?

Published 13th December 2013

Granite Paving SettsGranite Paving Setts
What are granite paving setts? Some would describe granite paving setts as small element paving as opposed to granite flags which are large element paving the main difference in defining granite paving setts as opposed to a granite paving flag is the size. Granite Paving setts are smaller. These are laid down in the British Standards or European Standards BS1342 (EN1342) but they can be tricky to read and understand so in the layman’s format a sett can be defined as a small piece of paving that is within the range of 50mm to 300mm in width and length. The thickness of these setts would typically not be bigger than half of the biggest length
So at the small end of the scale a sett would be 50x50x50mm, using Width x Length x Height.
At the larger end of the "small Element Paving" range would be 150x300x150mm, using Width x Length x Height.
What form can a sett take?
Granite Setts can have many forms. The crudest, simplest and most economical sett would be a cropped or cleaved sett that is rough on all six sides. These though can be uncomfortable to walk or drive on, even though they do look very attractive. Hence the introduction of "Dressed Setts" where you can add in sawn sides and perhaps a flamed or Bush hammered or cropped top. This does add in an expense as you have at least four cuts to manufacture although if you have a flamed or bush hammered top it does make it smoother to walk and drive over - hence making them more practical for everyday use on public Realm projects or large driveways. However if you want "old style setts" you should order cropped setts from BBS Granite Concepts. Then let time weather them in for you.