Welford Buff Sandstone

Published 11th June 2013

Welford Buff SandstoneBBS Granite Concepts Ltd are always looking for new and exciting materials, which can be used in design and construction within a discerning market.

To complement our popular two colour Chevin Sandstone, we have sourced a quality buff Sandstone which we have named ‘Welford Buff’ This material is a Chinese Sandstone and is currently being used in the UK, USA and extensively in Scandinavia.

This Sandstone is primarily buff with tones of subtle autumn colours, which are particularly highlighted in wet conditions.

The Welford Buff is available in large quantities and has vast resources. Unlike most other buff Sandstones which are fairly water absorbent and should only be used for walling and architectural features, Welford Buff has a low water absorption and a high flexural strength which means it can be used for Sandstone applications including paving and masonry.

The latest site to use the material is Lambeth Police station; this site required a buff Sandstone to complement the existing paving and cladding and could be manufactured as steps, tactile units and standard paving. The Welford Buff covered all the requirements and was supplied to FBS Construction to enable an on time handover to the client.

The Welford Buff has a lead in time of +/- 10 weeks and can be cut to size to suit the needs of any construction site; although we have placed a small initial quantity of this Sandstone in stock in 75mm thickness and can be delivered to site within 3 working days.

If it’s a quality buff Sandstone you require with character and at a competitive rate, we believe Welford Buff could be the answer.

Samples of the Welford Buff are available from BBS Granite Concepts Ltd and can be requested on 01455 559474