Travellers Diary - Rocks My World

Published 16th October 2013


Day 1: After a day's meetings the journey continues at Beijing airport with a weeks diary of travel

Day 2: You have to love how the old meets the new. Fuzhou holds another day of meetings more pics to come

Day 2: Morning meetings over you have to stop for lunch, anywhere in the world you know this place

Day 2: Not a bad backdrop for our penultimate stone meeting today

Day 3: Thank you Fuzhou and now the train to Xiamen, very civilised

Day 3: Arrived in Xiamen and its hot, just the taxi rank to conquer then it's the next set if meetings

Day 4: Saturday morning and a meeting with a new poss supplier, what a special view from the office window

Day 4: Moving on to another granite and stone meeting Sat pm. Subway Flintstone style

Day 4: Final granite supplier meeting of today held over dinner.

Day 4: What a finale, just glad I was not too close

Day 5: Sunday and the first of 4 granite meetings today. Xiamen the stone city a great view from 40th floor

Day 5: Another day drawing to a close for BBS in the granite city, but the weather is on the turn

Day 6: Last granite meeting before leaving Xiamen and plenty of granite to inspect

Day 6: That's BBS in Xiamen completed. Granite and natural stone on order next stop Hong Kong on route to UK

Day 6: BBS next stop Hong Kong, thank you Dragonair

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