BBS Trading Statement

Published 10th June 2010

BBS Granite Concepts Trading Statement

BBS was established in 1990, full name BBS Brick and Stone, since then it has supplied natural stone from UK sources, principally sandstones from Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

In 2007 a new Company was formed by the principals of BBS. The Directors were getting frustrated that they could not offer imported stones at competitive rates thereby limiting their ability to win a large number of projects. Principally those consisting of a mixture of UK and imported natural stone materials.

The new Company, BBS Granite Concepts, are now able to offer almost every type of natural stone from around the world. Currently importing from China, Vietnam, Spain, Portugal and Italy. In addition Granite Concepts can now offer genuine Scottish Whinstone.

Granite Concepts is staffed by individuals who all extensive experience of the natural stone industry. This wealth of experience is invaluable when considering the now often complex jobs, how they should be planned, detailed, quality controlled and administered.

From the outset, especially when involved at specification stage Granite Concepts will try and give advice on finding practical solutions to often encountered problems, assisting with writing sensible specifications and value engineering projects where possible. Granite Concepts has access to technical data if required and can provide further specialist input if needed.

Granite Concepts take great care in the detailing of each new order:

Once an order is received and all details agreed this will be placed with the factory setting out what is needed and when it should be shipped. Any special quality control or packaging requirements will also be detailed at this stage.

For special items, usually anything more complex than a paving slab or paving sett, GC will produce shop drawings. Whilst GC can accept, detail and issue information on CAD the most successful way of dealing with these specials is by isometric sketches, either in lieu of two dimensional drawings or to compliment them. To ensure that no mistakes are made each factory order will be double checked by one of GC’s experienced members of staff. Firstly against the customer’s order then GC’s own written order against detail drawings. At the same time that the order goes to the factory it is acknowledged to the customer with a request for any details to be “signed off”.

Service levels are very important to Granite Concepts and as part of this each customer is provided with a regular up-date. Three weeks after any order is placed with a Factory in the Far East or one week in the case of Europe an up-date will is given on progress. Should anything occur that might have an effect upon the progress of any project it will be highlighted, to the customer, within the order up-date.

A lot of time and effort is spent on improving the quality of crates and packaging and the manner in which GC deliver in different ways to various locations. Each crate is clearly labelled with everything cross referenced against a detailed packing list. The label gives a crate number, our order reference, the material, size and quantity. Any specials will have reference numbers marked on the units as well as the label.

In addition to sending regular up-dates GC’s transport department make contact with the customer during the period the goods are on order to ascertain exactly how deliveries will be dealt with. Further contact is made a few days before the shipment is expected to arrive in the UK to make final arrangements.

Following delivery the Granite Concepts team is available, with representatives throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should a site visit be necessary.