St. Mary's Boulevard and Square

Published 28th January 2014

St. Mary's Boulevard and SquareBBS Natural Stone is delighted to be helping Sunderland City Council celebrate its great heritage of shipbuilding supremacy by working with the City Council and their landscape architects on landscaping projects which will help maintain, improve and celebrate the city’s shipbuilding heritage.

The new Public Square, which will be part of the realignment of St Mary’s Way, will become a natural open landscaped meeting place for the people to share, remember and celebrate this part of the North East’s history. Natural Stone paving is a unique feature of any quality hard landscaping solution and this has been enhanced by some fine stone engraving, designed by the artist Bryan Talbot, capturing for the future the names of the various ships and of the people who worked in these shipyards, dating back to the early 19th Century. This project showcases just some of the natural stone solutions that BBS is able to offer, if involved in the early design stage of such prestigious hard landscaping projects.

BBS is very pleased to be involved in this project as we have substantial experience of working with landscape architects, using a variety of natural hard landscaping solutions for similar public realm schemes. It has also given BBS the opportunity to continue and consolidate our relationship with Balfour Beatty, following on from successful projects like Durham Gate and the Stockton Town Centre development.

The Natural Stone, supplied by BBS and used on these projects, was also able to demonstrate how hard landscaping can greatly enhance a streetscape and link the past, the present and the future, using attractive natural stone effectively in landscape design solutions.

Regular updates on the St Mary's Way Realignment project and the Keyline project will be updated on the following City Council Link please visit 'Remodelling of St Mary's Way'.