BBS supply Scottish Whinstone and Italian Porphyry

Published 28th January 2014

BBS supply Scottish Whinstone and Italian Porphyry to Northern Irish Market Town Redevelopment

Scottish Whinstone and Italian PophyryBBS Supply Scottish Whinstone and Italian Porphyry to Ballynahinch town centre regeneration project – Following on from the success from the Bradford City Park project, BBS Granite Concepts hosted a delegation of councillors and city chambers officials from Ballynahinch to visit Bradford, meet the councillors and project team to see how this forward thinking project has transformed the centre of their city. So impressed were they that they asked their designers ‘The Paul Hogarth Company’ to consider using similar BBS products in Ballynahinch. The decision was made to use Scottish Whinstone for Kerbs channels steps and features along with Italian Porphyry for the paving. This blend of materials and colour pallet allowed the town to retain its rustic market town character whilst enhancing the main square and surrounding streets. Although it is likely to be mid-summer before the projects is complete, it is starting to take shape and we are delighted to see the use of local materials being used in creative ways.