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Published 20th March 2015

What is ‘Limestone’?

Do you want to find out more about the widely used material ‘Limestone’ from us, the natural stone specialist?

What is ‘Limestone’?

This may seem like a simple question with an equally simple answer, but many people are unaware of exactly what this popular used stone is made up of.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock (rocks that are made up of minerals and other organic materials from the earth) that is made up of at least 50% Calcium Carbonate and 50% other materials.

How is Limestone formed?

Limestone is most commonly formed in clear shallow waters which is why is usually contains materials such as Shell and Coral.

There are many different types of Limestone that are separated by how they are formed. For example ‘Chalk’ is a type of Limestone that is made up of the remains of tiny marine creatures, and Fossiliferous (which you may have already guessed by the name!) is a stone that contains the shells and skeletal remains of some animals.

What type of Limestone do we have available here at BBS?

Here at BBS Natural Stone we have a range of Limestone which are sourced from different places including;

  • China
  • Portugal
  • Vietnam

It’s important to know what this material is going to be used for as this can have an effect on the type of stone you choose.

For example some types of Limestone can be too soft and would not be ideal for use on pavements due to the harsh and unpredictable weather we are known for in England!

Do you want to choose a colour that best suits your project?

Limestone naturally comes in diverse colours as it’s formed in slightly different ways and made up of different materials. There are whites, beiges, blues and blacks therefore you have many to choose from in order to make your architecture or construction project stand out!

Want to know more about Limestone or the other natural stone we have available here at BBS? Visit our website now or contact our friendly team on 01455 559474 to find out more information or simply discuss with us how we can help.