How to choose your Natural Stone Supplier

Published 20th March 2015

Choosing your Natural Stone Supplier

The minefield of choosing a Natural Stone supplier is one our clients often mention when coming to us for the first time.

Having many years experience in the Natural stone world, the team at BBS are understanding of the need of the client. Our clients are generally working for large corporations and the need for accuracy and assistance with the management of the project is key.

Our experience with many different projects has put us in a strong and knowledgeable position with regards to bespoke design and product knowledge and we are continually striving to find new and exciting natural stone resources to make sure your projects stand out from the crowd.

So what should you be looking for when choosing the perfect natural Stone Supplier?

  • Ask yourself, would you work with a company who:
  • Did not have their own CAD capabilities to help you with your designs?
  • Did not have many years of experience in the Natural Stone field?
  • Did not come with recommendations from other well known companies?
  • Could not visit you and show you your chosen stone?
  • Did not have "Ethical" and "Fair Trade" in mind when choosing new Natural Stone resource?
  • Did not have a supportive technical team to help you along the way?

If you have answered all the above, and would like to know how we fit the bill, please feel free to make contact.