Looking at the history of Granite Pavers

Published 30th September 2011Diamonds graphic separator

BBS supply granite pavers around the world. But wouldn't it be nice to know a bit more on the history of granite paving before taking your pick of which stone you will use for your next project?

You may ask yourself where does the word "Pavers" come from?

We would tell you... Pavers actually comes from the Latin and means a floor "beaten or rammed down".

A little bit of history...

  • To quality check the pavers a Roman Soldier would use his knife to test the gap. If the knife went through easily then it was not correct.
  • Roads needed to be adapted so they could be easily used for the purpose. However, it proved that carts could not turn corners easily and that is where ruts began to be made.
  • Roman roads were usually so well made that they never had to go back and repair them

Pavers is an interesting subject with lots of history behind it. Granite paving is perfect for residential and commercial use too.

BBS Natural Stone can supply you with a variety of Granite paving setts which you can view in more detail on our website at www.bbsnaturalstone.com or if you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact us.