Royal Botanic show garden wins Silver Gilt with BBS Whinstone

Published 4th June 2015

IMG_2679BBS Natural Stone was delighted to Sponsor the Royal Botanical Gardens Cryptogamic Show Garden at Gardening Scotland,(Scotland's premier gardening show) last weekend. The garden, designed by Susanna Harley, was a mix of three existing Botanic gardens around Scotland including the Logan, Straight Glen and Victorian Fernery gardens in Benmore and featured non flowering plants such as ferns and moss.

BBS Natural stone supplied the stone elements of the Garden which included Scottish Whinstone Kerbs, water feature and Stepping stones inspired by Diatoms. Susanna felt it was important that indigenous stone was used as part of her design to harmonise with the three locally inspired elements of the show garden. Built over one week, in at times torturous conditions, the team worked their magic to produce a wonderful piece and the BBC's Beechgrove garden were there to film some of the show gardens and speak to the designers prior to the opening. Please go to the link below and see the interview with Susanna in the Cryptogamic garden at 3.10m

We are pleased to announce that the hard work paid off as Susanna and her team were awarded the Silver GILT medal along with Best new show garden. Congratulations to Susanne and the rest of the team and we look forward to supporting the Royal Botanical Gardens again next year.