Ethical Trading & BBS: Working with the ITF

Published 20th December 2022Diamonds graphic separator

BBS continues our work on the haulage and shipping elements of our supply chain.

BBS continually look for areas of salient risk within its supply chains, but having an extremely strong and trusted supply chain around the world does mean we have to look a little further afield than our own factories and manufacturers. BBS are currently looking into how the logistics section of its supply chain works and what possible risk may be identified.

Having enlisted the help of the International Transport Workers Federation and our own freight forwarders, BBS have been working on the haulage and shipping elements of the supply chain and having health checks carried out on our logistics to ensure we can continue with our transparent way of supplying our natural stone products. Our ships have been audited and our trucks checked to certify that the workers are represented, paid and looked after in accordance to ILO regulations.

With this in mind, BBS will be out in Portugal and Spain early in 2023 to meet with the unions and port authorities to continue our work on this stage of the supply chain.