DLR station, Woolwich

Published 19th August 2013

The new DLR station in Woolwich was opened in early 2009 with BBS working closely with the engineering and design teams from TFL to create an approved pallet of natural stone materials which complimented the previous schemes supplied.

With excellent design work by Burns and Nice the Chinese and Portuguese granites blended seamlessly to create a sharp and modern design that met the tabled brief from TFL.

The Chinese granite used for the paving was G654 and was supplied in a blend of flamed and bush hammered finishes giving a varied effect that broke up the monotone appearance of one single texture. The steps were created using a Chinese G684 stone and were designed to incorporate a seating area with a bull nose edge; against the polished metal railings the stone contrasted perfectly, particularly when it was wet. Other paving units were supplied using Portuguese granites as the delivery period was four weeks shorter than the Chinese and arrived inside one month from placing the order.

The pallet chosen for Woolwich generally has now been proposed for future schemes in the area, and along with high engineering by TFL and careful design by their nominated architects the Woolwich regeneration looks set to achieve the high levels of quality required.