Different types of Natural Stone

Published 1st October 2015Diamonds graphic separator

We have a range of different types of natural stones for you to choose – some natural stone may better suited than others depending on your project.

Here at BBS Natural Stone we have a range of different types of Natural Stone options for you to choose from – some natural stone may be more suitable than others depending on the project you are working on.


This is a volcanic rock formed during a slow cooling process of igneous material, which gives the stone its high compressive strength and density.

This natural stone is ideal for use as a surfacing material on walkings and for town regeneration schemes.


This stone is a natural building material that is quarried in the mountains. This type of natural stone is most popularly used for roofing, paving and cladding.


Granite is an igneous rock similar to Porphyry, making the material hard and tough which is why it is most popularly used in the construction industry.


Limestone is a sedimentary rock made of of materials such as calcite, flint, sand and clay. This natural stone is sourced and extracted from regions that would have originally formed the shallow sea bed millions of years ago. As Limestone is a tough surface it can be used in a variety of ways including for exterior or interior use.


Although this natural stone is found in many parts of the world, it is not like Granite as this stone is formed when lava has cooled quickly above ground. This type of stone is most commonly used for large kerbs or paving.


Sandstone is a cost effective alternative to Yorkstone, and is a tough, low water absorption material. This stone is widely used for paving.


At BBS we supply Caithness Flagstone which is one of rarest paving stone in the world. This natural stone is a result of layers of sediment rock laid down over time, that is then separated periodically by a layer of volcanic dust. This type of material is most often used for kerbs and paving due its distinctive finish.

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