Different types of Granite Paving

Published 5th May 2015

Here at BBS Natural Stone we are able to offer you an extensive range of granite paving from around the world that would be ideal for different purposes either indoor or outdoor. We can offer you:

  • Portuguese Granite

We supply a wide range of granites from Portugal and have a gallery of the most commonly used materials on our website http://www.bbsnaturalstone.com/products/portuguese-granite/.

Portugal was one of the first countries to export to the UK in larger volumes to the landscaping market around 20 years ago. Although other countries such as China are fast expanding and also offer a large range of Granite paving we still choose to offer Portuguese Granite due to its high quality and also faster delivery times which could be of benefit to you.

  • Spanish Granite

Spanish Granite can not only be brought to you in a quicker time frame but they also have beautiful, unique granite to offer you. Similar to Portuguese Granite, Spanish Granite was also one of the first countries to export to the UK.

  • Chinese Granite

As many of you may know China is the main source of Granite to the extensive range that they can offer and the competitive rates it can be supplied at.

Do you have a specific requirement and cannot see any stone that will match your requirements on our website then please get in touch with us on 01455 559474 to discuss your needs further and to see what we can offer you.