BBS Visits Chinese Supplier As Part of Ethical Trading Initiative

Published 24th June 2019Diamonds graphic separator

BBS carries out regular audit visits that aim to improve our ETI standing and ethical offering to the construction industry.

As part of our commitment to the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), we undertake regular visits to our natural stone suppliers overseas to ensure that safety standards, working conditions and workers welfare rights are being upheld, and that quarries, factories and distributors are operating in line with both BBS’s and the ETI’s values.

Back in May, our Sales Director Kevin Hives visited one of BBS’s Granite suppliers in the Fujian province of China, to undertake an ETI follow-up audit.

Carried out to assess actions taken by the factory, following recommendations in a Corrective Action Plan previously prepared by BBS, the visit was also part of a regular audit programme that aims to improve BBS’s ETI standing and ethical offering to the construction industry.

Meeting with our Chinese Granite agent and the owner of the factory in Jinjiang, Kevin, together with BBS’s Sales Manager, Josh Waite, spent time auditing measures that had been implemented at the factory as part of our recommendations. These measures included Health & Safety training, working conditions and the installation of a dust extraction unit.


“We were very pleased to see that the additional safety works recommended by BBS had been fully implemented.

“The actions taken by the factory and the measures they have put in place are perfectly in line with the schedule and advice provided by BSS and shows their commitment to us, their employees and the Ethical Trading Initiative.

“This visit has been a resounding success; upholding our belief that ethical business underpins good business and we’re very proud to be part of the transition here in Jinjiang.”

Kevin Hives, Sales Director, BBS

As ETI members we are proud to be transparent and accountable and as such, we were delighted to be joined on the visit to China by valued client, Daniel Pricopi of Blu-3.


“It was a real experience to be able to see the factory and how it works, and watch an extensive and professional audit carried out by BBS”.

Daniel Pricopi, Blu-3

With a programme of factory audits scheduled for the rest of the year, we hope our involvement in the ETI ensures that BBS can improve the working conditions of our natural stone suppliers worldwide and guarantees our commitment to ethical trade.