BBS supplies Welford Buff Sandstone for Drymen houses, Scotland

Published 10th May 2016

BBS is a diverse company; whether we are working to supply natural stone to large commercial schemes, town centre regenerations or private projects we can offer a solution.

Welford Buff sandstone walling on houses in Drymen, Scotland

Our most recent private project which has just been completed was a private housing site in Drymen, Scotland.

BBS worked directly with the architects & stone masons involved on material recommendation and selection. The aim for the project was to use a sandstone that was long lasting, consistent, aesthetically pleasing and remained in budget for the client.

We recommended Welford Buff sandstone sourced from China as an answer. When in comparison to UK sourced alternatives the benefits of using Welford Buff were second-to-none.

Welford Buff sandstone can be used either for walling or paving and can demonstrate a cost-saving of up to 50% when in comparison to UK sandstones. Not only does the finish look great, Welford Buff lasts over time due to its water absorption level of under 2% preventing staining from rainwater – typical sandstones are around 4%!

All parties involved in the project were exceptionally pleased with the end result. For more information on our Welford Buff sandstone and its uses please contact us for assistance.