BBS Donates Personal Protection Equipment

Published 16th November 2012Diamonds graphic separator

In October 2012, BBS travelled out to China to visit some of our manufacturing facilities. The visit was to show some of our clients the way in which we supply our ethically sourced materials, and how the workers in the factories are treated. Our clients were taken to quarries and factories to take independent photographs and videos, with many of them being used as part of testimonials here in the UK.

As part of our continuing development in the Far East, the visit was also to take another delivery of Personal Protection Equipment which included ear plugs, Hi Vis vests, dust masks, goggles and protective gloves. The Personal Protection Equipment was distributed to varying facilities used by us, and in excess of 100 workers are now benefiting from the new equipment.

Our visits extended from the Shandong province in the North East of China to the Fujian province located in the South East, both areas that produce many of our product ranges.