BBS delivers further ETI training programme to Chinese supply chain

Published 14th January 2020Diamonds graphic separator

BBS takes further steps with its Capacity building in China, through a specialist ETI training programme provided to 18 team members.

In November 2019 BBS took further steps with its Capacity building in China within its supply chains. Expert and specialists trainers working for the Ethical Trading Initiative based in Hong Kong flew into Fujian province to deliver a specially designed training package on the 9-point base code to two of BBS’s most trusted and specialist suppliers.

The training was a one day programme delivered over consecutive days supplying knowledge and creative ideas on the base code, allowing staff on all levels to fully understand and appreciate what the ETI is about and how their work ties into the work undertaken by BBS on a regular basis in China.

BBS see the 18 newly trained staff as an extension to its capabilities in China, and this allows quick and trained responses to any issues that may need immediate attention.

BBS will continue with its Capacity building and its work with Freedom of Association during their next visit to China, Spring 2020.