BBC White City

Published 19th August 2013

Historically London has often been paved using UK two colour sandstone, bringing warmth and colour to the city. This type of paving is still fully embraced by Borough Councils including Westminster, Kensington, Chelsea, Richmond, Hammersmith and Fulham to name but a few. With UK supplies of this type of sandstone at an all time low, London has had to look to import materials to ensure demand is met by supply.

BBS has been at the forefront of sourcing these materials and can boast a range of imported sandstones which include our buff/grey two colour sandstone. This is being laid throughout London as an alternative to UK supplies. These materials are economically viable and aesthetically pleasing alternatives, which carry a technical specification in line with the UK materials and are held in stock at our UK depots.

With selected areas around the Westgate Shopping Centre, the new Wood Lane tube station and the frontage to the BBC studios, our two colour sandstone has been the material of choice to complement the existing UK sandstone previously supplied.