Bank Square

Published 27th February 2014

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The main focus of this landscaping project and the aim of the landscape redevelopment of Bank Square, within the South West Quarter (SWQ) of the Belfast City Centre, were to regenerate the area. BBS Granite was delighted to be involved in supplying the natural stone material solutions used for the regeneration. The concept draws on the History of the street patterns in order to enhance landmark buildings and views in order to make the City Centre Space more inclusive to the public. Originally the streets were narrow and formed intricate paths to the Smithfield market and the area adjacent to the square. These areas were used by the fish sellers of the day, locally known as the “fadgies” who sold their wears speaking in Gailge on the streets. With this in mind the Department for Social Development’s (DSD) Belfast City Centre Public Realm team announced the appointment of FP McCann Limited to construct the new hard landscaping design. Work Started in July 2013 and was completed at the end of 2014.

This natural stone hard landscaping scheme includes new surface treatments, Street lighting and furniture in many materials as well as new soft landscaping in the form of trees and shrubs to give an attractive pedestrian vitality to the area. Making safety and improved facilities for new and existing events taking place in Bank Square. Using natural stone to highlight the living landscape design that reflects the old historical values with that of a new vibrant, safe environment within the vicinity of the local area.

It was not a surprise then when FP McCann decided to work with the BBS Granite concepts team for sourcing the Natural Stone hard Landscaping materials that were required to make this design and dream come alive. The companies have worked successfully together on many Public Realm projects in the past incorporating granite paving setts and limestone paving setts and paving flags. In total over 3000m2 of specially calibrated flame textured granite paving setts were used as per specification for the streetscape design in order to comply with the hard landscaping materials solution. A rich mix of the best quality Pinks, browns and Silver grey Granite paving setts helped to rediscover the historic feel of the old narrow streets.

The architectural landscape was transformed by using the natural stone materials from china and mixing them with those of the United Kingdom. Granite pavers from Caithness were utilised because of their aesthetics’, colour and textured feel to help achieve the natural stone hard landscaping solution required. The thick dark riven stones of Scotland were 80mm thick and should be built to last and ensure the future working conditions of the stone in a practical stone solution. Mid grey coloured kerbs were also used to frame the look of the granite paving flags and the granite paving setts in order to maintain straight lines and help deliver on the main focus of what the DSD had in mind for its regeneration of Bank Square and its surrounding street areas.

The project was a success due to the constant contact and communication between all of the companies involved in order to work together and provide a beautiful natural stone hard landscaping solution for the community.