BBS Natural Stone Ethical Trading Audits

Published 10th June 2010

Along with BBS Natural Stone Specialists, BBS Granite Concepts Ltd have already built a proud reputation on Ethical Trading, brought about by a strict policy. Continual visits throughout the year ensure welfare and working conditions in overseas operations are of the highest standards possible.

Trading with potential Natural Stone suppliers cannot commence until our expectations and standards of supply have been discussed and agreed. All our Natural Stone suppliers are keen to show their high health and safety standards, their onsite training programmes and the health and welfare available to their workforce. Having been independently audited by varying UK interests, our natural stone suppliers sustainability has shown an extremely high standard in all areas of manufacture and supply of natural stone. This topic is increasingly discussed and is high on our agenda when promoting our products. Granite Concepts were recently tasked with carrying out a full quarrying and manufacturing audit on behalf of Transport For London.

On site visits and photographic/video diaries were kept with a full written report submitted on our return from China. The report was well received, and showed the safe working conditions for the granite workforce, coupled with extensive and full use of PPE by the workers. Granite Concepts has always had the supply workforce at the forefront of our minds. We believe a fair price paid by us will increase the standard of the working conditions for the suppliers.

As a company we invest in supplier development ensuring H&S, PPE and general working conditions are as high as possible.