Artificial Stone as your Natural Stone Alternative

Published 20th January 2015Diamonds graphic separator

Here at BBS Natural Stone we have a range of artificial stone which can be used as your Natural Stone alternative each designed to meet your specific structural needs. Whether you are looking to build a load bearing structure or design a window surround, we have the artificial stone to meet your requirements.

You may be asking yourself “What type of Artificial Stone do you have available at BBS?”

Semi Dry Cast Stone

  • This stone is the most common used in the house building industry.

  • It is the most cost effective alternative to natural stone.

  • Semi Dry Case Stone has many different uses including Window Surrounds, Vents, Keystones and much more.

  • The majority of this type of stone is unique however we have a standard range of components that we also produce alongside them.

  • This stone is designed for decorative use only

  • It is available in a standard range of colours – but we are able to use different combinations of cements and dyes

Wet Cast Acid Etched Masonry

  • This stone is used in many of the same areas of the above stone however Wet cast stone is able to be both a decorative product and also have the ability to be a structural unit.

  • It can be used for window heads if a steel lintel is not available, beams and other products that have to bear weight.

Glass Reinforced Concrete

  • This concrete is made up of alkali resistant drawn glass fibre and cement.

  • It is a lightweight material that can be used for many different things – As it is no longer a heavy item it can be man handled which could save a business a lot of time any money that can then be used elsewhere.

Reconstituted Walling Stone

  • This natural stone provides a cheaper options but still attractive alternative to Natural Stone

  • Want to choose your own size and colour stone? We have a range of options available each to suit your own needs.

  • This product can be effective in a wide range of uses including commercial, industrial and residential projects.

Want to find out more about the Arcitectural Stone we have available here at BBS Natural Stone. Visit our website or contact our friendly team now on 01455 559474.