5 Reasons to choose Concrete Facing Bricks for your build

Published 20th February 2015

Here at BBS Natural Stone we provide Concrete Facing Bricks ideal for your industrial or commercial build which is also known as a high quality alternative to clay facing brick. Here are five reasons to opt for this popular choice of brick for your important project.

Cheaper Brick Option

Concrete Facing brick is a modern option but can also be purchased at a lower price of clay facing bricks meaning you can spend money on other aspects of your project without a worry!

Brick Availability

The manufacturing of this brick is relatively fast meaning it can be handed over you ready to build in no time. What does this mean? This not only means you getting your product at a fast rate but less time is then spent building as the materials needed arrived quicker.

Appealing Bricks

The range of colours and mixtures available are both attractive and adapted for your purpose therefore you can sure to find the right brick to suit your project.

Worried about the stone fading over time?

Now there’s no need to! Using colour-fast pigment technology we can guarantee that the bricks will not fade over time like they may have done in the past. You can be sure to still have the same colour stone in ten years to what you do now!

Full Technical Brick Back-up

Here at BBS Natural Stone we can offer you help and advice about technology or design so there's no need to worry – we are here for further back-up should you need it.

Environmentally Friendly Bricks

Due to the curing process no longer involving gas fired kilns and the main element being graded-dust (a 'waste' product of quarrying) the stone has a much less carbon footprint than Clay Facing Bricks. You are doing your bit for the environment whilst still building a modern, high quality structure.

Have you been convinced to choose Concrete Facing Bricks for your build? Take a look at our website to find out more http://www.bbsnaturalstone.com/structural-products/bricks/. Alternatively call our friendly team now on 01455 559474 so we can offer you help and advice about the right product for you.