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Top 5 hard landscaping materials


We spotted an article in the Telegragh recently looking at the tip 10 hard landscaping materials for gardens.

It prompted us to come up with our own selection of top hard landscaping materials:


Yorkstone Paving

Yorkstone paving is our top pick as a hard landscaping material, and being an indigenous stone, it is good for the economy and the environment too. Available in 3 different varieties (Hayfield, Whitworth and Riven), Yorkstone paving is popular in both new construction and restoration.

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Portland Stone

Portland stone, again indigenous is a great stone to use in your hard landscaping. It is a highly regarded limestone. The use of this renown and durable UK natural stone is extensive, and has been used on many high profile buildings, in particular in and around London.

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Most clay and concrete brick manufacturers also offer a range of complimentary clay block-paving products. BBS work closely with the manufacturers to offer our clients a full service of sourcing  and supply for all needs. Reclaimed bricks are sourced to match individual project needs, generally coming from a specialist network of demolition contractors. Special-Shaped Bricks are supplied by most manufacturers to match each brick in their range.

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Artificial Stone

Yes, we said ARTIFICIAL STONE! Semi dry is perhaps the most commonly used cast stone in the house building industry as a cost effective alternative to natural stone. It is a versatile product used for many products which includes (but is not limited to) Window surrounds, copings and pier caps, ballustrade, bulls eye windows, quoins, corbels, ashlar blocks, vents, datestones,keystones and much more. The majority of our products are bespoke but we have a standard range of components which we also produce.

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Granite Setts

There are a number of different black granite’s available from China. Chinese black granite is relatively expensive and will vary in price depending on the consistency of colour and tightness of the grain. CSS or Shanxi Black, because of its tight consistent grain, polishes to a fantastic finish and is very sought after for cladding and internal finishes, it’s high demand has made this a premium product. It is often used for feature bands or cladding on streetscape projects but also for paving kerbs or granite setts.

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