WallingNatural Stone is a trusted and proven building material with a fine reputation. As an expression of quality and refinement, it possesses an enduring appeal that has remained unsurpassed for centuries.

BBS has supplied stone, and in particular stone walling, to projects of all sizes; typically for large housing developments, self-builds, corporate developments, housing associations, local authorities and architects. For more information or to request technical data sheets, please contact Fraser Young (email) or Andrew Kennedy (email).

The stone for walling we supply is listed below, click the links or scroll down for more information:

Ancaster Limestone

Ancaster Limestone Walling

Our Ancaster Limestone comes from Lincolnshire and is a stunning choice for all types of development. It is available for masonry as well as walling where we can supply it cropped, tumbled and/or coursed.

Ancaster-Stretton Mixed Limestone

Ancaster-Stretton Limestone Walling

Also from Lincolnshire, our Ancaster-Stretton Mix is available in course heights of 65mm, 90mm, 115mm and 140mm, other course heights are available on request. See image for more uses.

Caithness Stone

Caithness Stone Walling/Cladding

This traditional stone from the Highlands of Scotland is perfect for historic projects as a walling/cladding stone as well as paving. It varies in shades as it oxidizes from deep blacks through to pale browns. For more images and information, see our Caithness Flagstone page.

Fellstone Buff Natural Stone

Fellstone Buff Natural Stone Walling

Fellstone Buff is a very popular Yorkshire sandstone, particularly used for prestigious projects and perfect also for commercial and residential projects. Available as split faced walling, pitched face, tumbled, cropped and for masonry.

Hampole Fine Limestone

Hampole Fine Limestone Walling

This South Yorkshire creamy buff to pink limestone has been used for a wide range of developments and looks great as split faced walling, tumbled or Ashlar walling.

Lodgestone Multi Natural Stone

Lodgestone Multi Natural Stone Walling

Quarried in West Yorkshire, our Lodgestone Multi comes as pitched face or Ashlar walling giving an interesting finish with it’s orange veining.

Moorstone Buff-Pink Natural Stone

Moorstone Buff-Pink Natural Stone Walling

BBS’s Moorstone has buff and buff-pink colours which give a clean, modern finish with Ashlar walling or gives character to buildings as a tumbled or pitch faced finish.

Natural Stone Masonry

Natural Stone Masonry

To complement beautiful natural stone walling, natural stone masonry is the perfect accompaniment. Contact our office to discuss your ideas from simple to complex, BBS can complete any project to the highest standard. We have developed strong relationships with some of the best and most skilled masons in the industry and BBS boast an excellent in-house design/technical department to undertake all aspects of masonry.For more information on what we offer, see our Masonry Page.

Overstone Buff-Pink Natural Stone

Overstone Buff-Pink Natural Stone Walling

Overstone is a buff with pink natural stone from Derbyshire available as pitched face, tumbled or Ashlar walling perfect for modern new builds or historic redevelopments.

Reclaimed Walling Stone

Reclaimed Walling Stone

Reclaimed stone is an important contributor in the options available to a client. It is often necessary to match the existing stone on an old building or is the ideal product to use when building a new property amongst older traditional style developments. Reclaimed stone is environmentally friendly and an aesthetically pleasing alternative to newly quarried and processed walling stone. BBs have many types of reclaimed stone available from ‘random rubble’ through a veriety of regularly used ‘punch faced’ styles.

Sandal Buff Sandstone

Sandal Buff Sandstone Walling

A very popular walling stone, masonry product and paving stone, Sandal Buff is available as coursed walling, pitch faced, split faced, Ashlar walling, sawn paving and plenty more; contact us for details.

Sandal Buff Multi Sandstone

Sandal Buff Multi Sandstone Walling

A beige toned walling stone with the occasional orane or brownish veins, it can also be used as masonry products and paving stones. Sandal Buff Multi is a sandstone available as coursed walling, pitch faced, split faced, cropped, tumbled, Ashlar walling, sawn paving.

Scottish Whinstone

Scottish Whinstone Walling

Whinstone can be supplied in a range of colours from dark grey through to a dark green and may occasionally contain a reddish variation. This material has been used extensively throughout Scotland over hundreds of years for kerbs, setts and walling. For more images and information, see our Scottish Whinstone page.

Stretton Limestone

Stretton Limestone Walling

Quarried in Lincolnshire, our Stretton Limestone is available in course heights of 65mm, 90mm, 115mm and 140mm, other course heights and bed sizes are available on request. Commonly used for cropped walling, available tumbled, cropped, coursed or as masonry products.

Welford Buff Sandstone

Welford Buff Sandstone Walling

Welford Buff Sandstone is our Far East sandstone recommendation for walling. Available in three finishes: sawn, sandblasted or flamed, this product can be used for Ashlar walling or as paving flags or steps or as bespoke masonry items.

Wheelton Buff Multi Natural Stone

Wheelton Buff Multi Natural Stone Walling

Wheelton Buff Multi is a natural stone suitable for walling (split faced and pitch faced), masonry and paving. It is a predominantly buff/cream coloured stone with light grey/grey veining. Contact us for more information and technical data sheets.

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