Street FurnitureMost Streetscape projects have an element of street furniture within their Hardscape designs.

BBS work with hardscape designers to offer materials which can be used to create bespoke hardscape designs achieving a signature aesthetic for a particular project.  Unlike other street furniture suppliers we do not have a catalogue where you can pick a particular bollard or bench off the shelf which may have been used on a hundred projects previously.  The only constraints we have is the limit of your imagination.  If you can draw it we can make it.  Below are a few examples of bespoke designs that we have manufactured with a brief description against each.

Located at Victoria Docks in London the existing dock walls were dismantled and turned into benches to view the surrounding areas. BBS shipped the granite to Portugal and had it worked into usable rough blocks that were then sent back to the UK for installation. The green use of existing materials proved beneficial to all parties involved, and has gained widespread approval from local residents and visitors alike. Brixton Town Centre has receive a new and exciting granite bench to grace its new public realm area.

The bench was manufactured in Fujian, China. The bench weighs in excess of 60 Tons.

Kettering Town Centre is currently having a large auditorium of granite benches installed. The large granite blocks number almost 600, with over 400 differing in size. Each piece has been individually designed and crafted to produce this calm setting for future events in the town. The pieces have been made in China in the form of a kit, and fit seamlessly together once installed in the UK. The attention to detail from the design aspect and the quality control ensured by BBSGC has given this scheme the high standard of finish required from the client.