Vietnamese LimestoneVietnamese Limestone

Limestone (and Vietnamese Limestone) is a sedimentary rock made up mainly of mineral calcite, with the other main constituents being silica, flint, sand and clay. The main source of calcite is most commonly marine organisms. Limestone is quarried and extracted from regions which originally formed the bed of a shallow areas of sea millions of years previously. Limestone is formed close to earth’s surface capturing fossilized plant and animal life. Limestone is used in a wide range of interior and exterior building applications.

Hard Vietnamese limestone can be manufactured to produce a polished, honed or flamed finish. Limestone creates a tough but sophisticated surface that appeals to many and varied construction applications which require durability and character.

There are many varieties of Vietnamese limestone ranging from whites through beige, blues and black, although some may be suited to one application better than another. Should you be unsure on which type to use please contact us.


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