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Northern Ireland Natural Stone Colour Pallets

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  BBS Granite Concepts have been working in conjunction with The Paul Hogarth company in Belfast and various government bodies, compiling a pallet of natural stone which is both affordable and aesthetically pleasing. The working party has achieved a pallet of materials which is now established as the accepted specification for new streetscape work throughout East Belfast and beyond. It was felt that the material choices should be sympathetic to the surroundings, holding similarities to the natural materials that had been used historically, but above all needed to shout quality and raise the profile of the area. For this reason, our Chevin sandstone was chosen in conjunction with a buff granite. The grey buff mix of colour through this stone, and the random swirls of mean that everyone can recognise that this is a quality material. Paul Hogarth Architects cleverly chose a traditional laying pattern incorporating different gauge widths and random lengths to further emphasise the nature of this material and reduce wastage in the production process. A buff coloured granite which closely matches the existing material was chosen for the kerbs stones in order to withstand the harsh treatment they often receive. Using granite will ensure that these kerbs will last for 50 – 100 years delivering an excellent whole life cost. For further information and images on the stones chosen please see our products section on this web site, or BBS Granite Concepts Overview PDF