Westfield Buff Multi Sandstone at Crowngate

Yorkstone is a term given to hard sandstone, typically from the North of England. Yorkstone is popular in both new construction and restoration. The colour of Yorkstone depends on the minerals within its makeup and differs throughout the quarries from which it is mined. Newly quarried Yorkstone is usually available as slabs for paving, paving setts and walling.

Westfield Buff Multi is a buff grey coloured stone from West Yorkshire featuring attractive swirls of colour. This fine grained sandstone is ideal for paving and architectural hard landscaping features due to its high density and low water absorption. Care should be taken when choosing a Yorkstone for paving that it’s technical characteristics are appropriate for its intended environment. Generally stone with a water absorption greater than 3% should be avoided.

For more information or to request a technical data sheet please contact Phil Waite (email)