Portuguese limestone by BBS
Portugal has a long history of producing limestone for cladding and paving.  Portuguese limestone has a unique range of colours along with veins and fossils make it undoubtedly one of the most attractive natural stones available.  Care must be taken however when selecting limestone for a landscaping project that the correct material is selected for a particular application.  Many types can be to soft for our harsh climate and should not be used for paving, others can be to hard and can chip easily so when selecting a limestone always be sure to scrutinise it’s technical characteristics.  BBS technical staff can help with this if you have any questions.
Portuguese Limestone
Limestone is used in a wide range of interior and exterior building applications. Hard limestone can be manufactured to produce a polished, honed or flamed finish. Limestone creates a tough but sophisticated surface that appeals to many and varied construction applications which require durability and character.

There are many varieties of limestone ranging from whites through beige, blues and black.  Below is a gallery of the most commonly used.  Some stones may be suited to one application better than another so please contact us should you be unsure on which type to use.