Italian Porphyry in Bradford


  Porphyry is popular architectural stone with planners and specifiers, particularly for hardscape and streetscape projects needing an edge of quality or a subtlety of tone. It is an ideal surfacing material for walkways and town regeneration schemes because of its high compressive strength and density, but also lends itself to domestic applications too. 
Porphyry can be sourced in various colours, in particular earthy tones of:
– greys
– browns
– rusts
– buffs
– violets
Colour mixes can be controlled to a degree so a pallette can be tailored to your preferred mix within reason and in most cases we would produce an agreed sample panel in the quarry for sign off before manufacture.

Porphyry is produced as a riven material and is split on the top and bottom faces to produce a nominal thickness. Flags and setts will vary in thickness depending on the tolerance so extra care should be taken when laying this material.  In addition the sides can be cropped or sawn depending on the thickness.  Cropped sides are the most cost effective option and this will give a more rustic top but will show larger joints.

Other countries able to supply Porphyry include China and Argentina.

Before specifying this material it is useful so speak to one of our technical team to ensure that the material is being used within its parameters and that the most cost effective use of the stone is specified.  For more information, samples or technical data sheets for this or any of our materials, please contact us.


The images below are examples of Italian Porphyry natural stone paving mixes and projects where we have supplied it.