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*Please note that paving swatches will appear to vary in colour on different monitors or screens.*

Alfaton UWF Tumbled red Clay PavingBruno DF Clay PavingBruno Tegel TF Clay PavingBruno Waterstruck (Delft Dark Blend) WF Clay PavingBruno Waterstruck (Delft Dark Blend) DF Clay Paver
Alfaton UWF Tumbled – A red brown tumbled paver that can add character to your next landscaping project.Bruno DF – A solid red clay paver.Bruno Tegel TF – The New Tegel range provides a new size format to the Dutch Collection of Clay Pavers.Bruno Waterstruck (Delft Dark Blend) WF – A red waterstruck clay paver, also available in DF format.Bruno Waterstruck (Delft Dark Blend) DF – A solid red clay paver.
Bruno WF Clay PaverDiamond Pattern Red Clay PaverDortmund Dark Multi Clay PaverDragfaced Chamfered Multi Brindled Clay PaverEssen Red Clay Paver
Bruno WF – A solid red clay paver.Diamond Pattern Red – Intended for flexible construction methods.Dortmund Dark Multi – A dark red multi paver.Dragfaced Chamfered Multi Brindled – A Multi Brindled Dragfaced Chamfered paver.Essen Red – The Essen Red is available in the following size: 200 x 100 x 62mm.