Yorkstone Paving

 BBS has travelled the world over the past 20 years trying to find a cost effective alternative to Yorkstone paving. The difficulty in matching Yorkstone is two fold, firstly the material needs to be very tough with a low water absorption, secondly, it must aesthetically match the attractive colour variation you get with Yorkstone. Five years ago, following an extensive testing programme we began to supply Chevin sandstone in paving from the north of China, this is a tight grained sandstone with a grey buff mix of colours.
We believe that this material is a very close match to Yorkstone and it has been accepted by many of the London Council as a cost effective alternative to genuine Yorkstone. Many other Chinese sandstones are available from China but like all stone care should be taken to ensure that the product chosen is suitable for the prevailing conditions and application. Should you require further help or advice on sandstone or any other products please do not hesitate to contact us


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