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The Ethical Trading Initiative is a ground-breaking alliance of companies, trade unions and voluntary organisations. The ETI works in partnership to improve the working lives of people across the globe who make or grow consumer goods – everything from tea to T-shirts, from flowers to footballs and granite to sandstone. BBS GRANITE CONCEPTS LTD are proud to be a member of the alliance, and add our own best wishes to the group for its future success worldwide. For further information on how our alliance is working to make a difference please visit Being a member of the ETI has given BBSGC the opportunity to show the work it carries out as a matter of course, to ensure that the natural stone materials we supply are ethically and responsibly sourced. Many of our staff members have been supplying Personal Protective Equipment to our suppliers for over 10 years, and this practice will continue ensuring that new and improved equipment gets to where it is needed, but it doesn’t stop there. To complement our regular visits to our suppliers we ensure that our suppliers have the opportunity to visit us here in the UK; this allows them to see various working practices from quarrying, through the factory and onto the office. Many of the European working practices have been adopted and are now being introduced in the Far East; this includes working hours and new wage structures. Members of staff here at BBSGC have been involved personally with assisting children in China with their educational needs, from financially supporting a preschool charity enabling the children of the factory workers to attend school, leading ultimately to two young people successfully applying for University places at Oxford. BBSGC take the implementation of ETI base code as a minimum requirement, but see many other opportunities to go beyond this to keep improving working conditions. During one of our auditory visits to China we became aware of the lack of constant clean water during the summer months in some of the smaller outlying factories; with this in mind we will be supplying water purification kits to those outlets as part of this year’s initiative. A small video link will be posted on our site later this year showing how this has helped the workers. Becoming a member of the ETI is only part of the story, being accountable, transparent and continually responsible is the real key.