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Archway granite setts

London’s ‘Archway’ has seen a complete overhaul from its seventies gyratory system just outside of the Archway Underground station.

  • Client: Islington Council & Transport for London (TfL)
  • Contractor: Ringway Jacobs
  • Sub-contractor: Gavigan Paving

Transport for London have been improving the area throughout 2016 / early 2017 and have taken up the old one way system which was fragmenting the town centre and replaced it with two way streets, cycle lanes and a central piazza.These changes will significantly improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians and reduce travel times for public transport users and drivers when commuting at peak times.

BBS have supplied natural stone products to the public realm redevelopment; Chinese silver grey granite kerbs with Chinese granite setts in four colours make up the paving. Silver grey, mid grey and two pink greys ensure London’s streets look both traditional and modern with subtle colouring to brighten up the space.

For more information on our ranges of Chinese granites, see here.