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BBS Natural Stone is the amalgamation of BBS Granite Concepts which previously dealt with imported natural stone and BBS Brick and Stone which generally dealt with UK natural stone and structural products within hardscape design.

Our Head office is in Kimcote in Leicestershire where the majority of our staff are based, we also have a Northern regional office in Wakefield with satellite offices in Edinburgh and Dublin.

We have 10 internal and external salesmen and women covering various geographical areas of the UK, please click here for a list of name to find the correct sales person in your area. Our Transport, logistics and operations staff have all worked in the natural stone supply industry for many years and are most helpful in keeping customers informed on production schedules, shipping and deliveries.



BBS Natural Stone has been working hard over the last seven years to re-introduce important and historically significant stones back in to the market, for use in Streetscape projects. Many of the materials that we see in our historic towns and cities around the UK were sourced locally, due to their technical characteristics and proximity to the project. As transport links improved it became viable to transport building materials further and we now have access to material from all over the world. This, along with the introduction of concrete products, created a downturn in the UK natural stone industry over the last hundred years. In addition, quarries that traditionally produced dimensional block started blasting for aggregate, which meant that any large block would likely be shattered and could not be split or cut to produce dimensional units.

More recently, with support from designers, local authorities and quarries, BBS Natural Stone has been able to begin extracting good virgin stone from a number of UK quarries – which is now being cut and supplied to prestigious projects around the country. Although these material may appear to be a little more expensive, with the investments we have made in production – together with the volumes we are now supplying – these stones are now able to compete with similar imported products and have more flexibility in supply e.g. if additional material or design changes are required. This flexibility, depending on the contract, can often make locally sourced stone a more attractive option.

BBS Natural Stone has concentrated on re-introducing / marketing four main indigenous stones –

Scottish Whinstone – This is a hard, dark grey to black, igneous material. It is a Quartz Dolerite and is found right across the central belt of Scotland. Traditionally, it was used for the kerbs and setts all the way from Dundee to Edinburgh and over to Glasgow. With the advent of concrete kerbs and Ashlar, the skills disappeared and the quarries started crushing the stone for aggregate. Cobbled roads throughout Scotland were tarred over and whin kerbs dug up and replaced. This was the situation for around fifty years but, recently, there has been an interest in trying to either re-use old whin kerbs or source new ones from the same quarries which the original ones came from. In the last four years we have supplied new whin kerbs, setts, paving and architectural features to Rosslyn Chapel Visitor Centre, the Edinburgh Trams Project, Edinburgh Castle, Ballynahinch Town Centre Regeneration Project, Kelso Town Centre and many more projects with historical significance where the material must match the existing and where there is a will to use local stone. For more information on this product, please visit Scottish Whinstone.

Whinney Hill Yorkstone Mix – BBS Natural Stone has been supplying Yorkstone as paving, and in other forms, for over twenty years now and in this time we have had access to many quarries with various fantastic and exciting stones. However, as is the nature of quarries, they tend to run out of good block and with tighter planning controls in this area of England, it is increasingly difficult to source good consistent block. Throughout this time however BBS has consistently supplied Whinney Hill paving to hundreds of significant projects in London and around the country e.g. Kings Cross Station – and we are currently supplying the paving to the historical restoration of St. Salvator’s Square in St. Andrews University where Prince William and Kate graduated. For more information on this product, please visit Whinney Hill Mix.

Welsh Pennant – This is a hard local stone used in South Wales and South West England for paving, kerbing and walling. Approximately five years ago we began quarrying and cutting Welsh Pennant for paving and setts. Designers in South Wales were keen to use locally sourced materials for a number of reasons, but primarily because it blends beautifully with what has been used historically. We have found suitable reserves of this distinguished blue grey stone and have a rigorous testing programme in place to ensure it attains the highest possible technical standards. The success of schemes in Neith Town Centre, Swansea, Aberystwyth, Cardiff and Bath have led to it being specified and used in massive quantities on the National Theatre Project in London – which is due for completion next year. For more information on this product, please visit Welsh Pennant.

Caithness Flagstone – Although Caithness Flagstone has been used extensively throughout Scotland over the last hundred years, its use has been limited in the rest of the UK. Through our partnership with A & D Sutherland who own Spittal Quarry, BBS Natural Stone has been successful in promoting the use of this material in London on the new B Sky B Building, Cutty Sark Project and in and around Newcastle Town Centre, as well as the Salt Market in Glasgow and Waverly Train Station in Edinburgh.
Caithness Flagstone is a versatile stone that naturally occurs in various bed depths and is generally supplied in various widths up to 900mm, by random length. It can either be supplied in the traditional dark grey colour mix or an open colour mix known as the Cutty Sark Mix, from the colour range used on this project. It is incredibly strong with a high flexural strength, meaning that relatively thin stone can still be used for trafficked areas. In years gone by, merchant ships used to stop off at Scrabster harbour to pick up Caithness Flagstone, to use as ballast on the clippers for their trips to the various trading posts around the British Empire. Hence – the streets of Boston, Calcutta and Sydney are all paved with Caithness Stone. For further information on this product, please visit Caithness Stone.

The above gallery showcases a few of our natural stone solutions supplied for various projects within both the UK and around the world.

BBS Natural Stone are suppliers of natural stone and granite pavers for Hardscape designs & Streetscape architectural & civil engineering projects, UK and worldwide, and of we can help you source your Natural Stone Solution, please do not hesitate to contact us.